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Evictions – An important update for landlords

Thu 27 Aug 2020

A 2-minute read updating landlords about what the new extension on evicting tenants means for them and how we’re helping them avoid the worst-case scenario.

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Seven steps to being a successful landlord

Wed 26 Aug 2020

In this two-minute read, we look at seven fundamental steps landlords need to take to put themselves and their rental properties on the path to success.

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The court ruling that all landlords need to know

Wed 22 Jul 2020

In this three-minute read, we look at what a recent court ruling that found a “no DSS” letting ban was unlawful means for landlords.

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Great news for buyers trying to get on the housing ladder

Mon 20 Jul 2020

In this two-minute read, we look at the return of 90% loan to value mortgages (LTV) and the flurry of activity in the housing market.

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An architect’s guide to getting the most out of a property.

Mon 13 Jul 2020

In this three-minute read, architect Nigel Bidwell shares his tips on what to look for when buying a property AND ways to add value to your current home.

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We're all going on a Stamp Duty holiday!

Thu 09 Jul 2020

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced sweeping changes this afternoon around Stamp Duty which is excellent news for anyone thinking of buying a home.

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Six things landlords can do about rent arrears

Wed 08 Jul 2020

In this two-minute read, we look at helpful new advice for landlords dealing with cases of rent arrears.

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Jargon Free Advice for First-Time Buyers

Tue 07 Jul 2020

There’s a first time for everything, and in this 3-minute easy-read, we share advice on making your property buying debut in South West London a successful one.

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Eviction Ban - Support for Landlords

Wed 17 Jun 2020

Eviction Ban Means Landlords Need Support More Than Ever

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Space – The final frontier for homebuyers

Mon 15 Jun 2020

​​​​​​​In this 2-minute read, we unveil how Covid-19 has changed people’s property priorities.

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Tuneful tips to get you moving

Thu 11 Jun 2020

Five ‘tuneful’ tips to get you moving this summer

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Electrical Safety Checks for Landlords

Wed 10 Jun 2020

What landlords need to know about new electrical inspection laws

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Be Clean Be Safe

Thu 14 May 2020

On Wednesday 13 May estate agents were given the green light to get back to work and get the property market in England moving again.

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