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Wed 11 Nov 2020

How to prepare your property for marketing photographs

How to prepare your property for marketing photographs

In this three-minute read, we look at how best to prepare your property perfectly for those all-important marketing photographs.

If you’re putting your house or flat on the market for sale or rent, there is one thing you can do to make an immediate impact.

To maximise your chances of securing the best possible deal, spend time preparing your property before it is photographed for promotional purposes.

You wouldn’t turn up to an important job interview wearing an old tracksuit and a stained vest (we hope).

The same rule applies when you market a property. You want to show your home in its most flattering light and reveal its full potential.

This is because first impressions matter.

They have always been important, but in our digital age, they are more influential than ever.

Before arranging viewings, most people pore over property websites and rank their favourites.

They expect to see images of every room and are suspicious if you omit photos of some spaces.

Before they’ve even stepped inside a property, viewers have formed definite opinions about it.

A prospective property must be clean, well presented and clutter-free. If it looks untidy and unkempt in photos, people will assume that:

  • It will be even grottier in real life and need some serious bleaching and scrubbing.
  • The owner is lax on maintenance, and all sorts of unforeseen faults and repair work could be needed.

Here are some top tips to prepare your property for a marketing photo shoot.

1. Clear the clutter

People want to see the property, not your personal items. That means no washing left out to dry (in the house or on the line outside), no shoes in the hall or phone chargers in sockets.

Every excess item left lying around, including magazines, flyers, and remote controls build up to create an unattractive look. 

2. Let there be light

Open all curtains or blinds to let as much light in as possible. If rooms have connecting doors, open them to make the space look bigger.

3. Kitchen clear up

Clear all work surfaces and tables of the reminders of domestic life.

Tea towels, cleaning products, dishes, fridge magnets and pet food bowls all need to go.

One bowl that can stay though is the fruit bowl – just make sure you fill it with fresh fruit.

4. Bathroom blitz 

Declare war on mould and any other unsightly stains. Move all shampoos, conditioners, soap items, towels, and mats out of sight. Remove items off the back of doors.

People don’t need to see the dressing gown nana gave you for Christmas (although we’re sure it’s lovely). Also, put your toilet lids down, please.

5. In the bedroom

Opt for neutral bed linen, and avoid deep reds, purple or browns. If you still have a teddy, we’re okay with it, but put it away for now.

Slippers, personal photographs, and exercise equipment should go too.

6. Children’s bedrooms 

Pack clothes and toys away and remove any items that feature your children’s names, along with photographs.

7. Living areas

Remove TV remotes, games consoles and paperwork. Make sure the TV is switched off. In this room, you can also add something fresh - a vase of colourful flowers looks great.

8. Front of house

Cut the grass and any hedges/bushes. Remove weeds and bins and invest in a few pot plants to add colour.

If you have a driveway, don’t park your car on it.

And if you’re on good terms with your neighbours ask them (nicely) to move their vehicle too, as often photographers have a wide-angle lens. 

9. Gardens or courtyards

As with the front, get rid of weeds, leaves and any junk that is lying around. 


If you would like more advice on how to prepare your property for sale or rent, get in touch with us here at Village Properties.


We’re happy to help and promise to keep you firmly in the picture.