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A Tenants guide to letting a property through Village Properties

This guide is to provide you with information concerning the procedures and requirements relating to a typical tenancy. 

Securing the Tenancy

When you have found a suitable property to rent and the landlord has accepted your offer, it will still be subject to satisfactory references and a mutually agreed contract. 


With respect to references, we require the following :

• A current utility bill showing your name and current address.

• A copy of your driving licence or Passport.

• A Bank reference

• An Employers reference.

• An Accountant or Solicitor reference for self-employed tenants.

• A Trade reference for self-employed tenants. 

• Previous Landlord reference. 

• Credit Check which we charge £20 plus VAT per reference. 

Holding Deposit

When you agree to take a tenancy, you will be asked for a holding deposit to demonstrate your commitment. This amount which is usually equivalent to one week’s worth of rent or a minimum of £500, will be deducted from your first rental payment. The payment is non-refundable should your application be withdrawn or unsuccessful due to unsatisfactory references. Please note that this money in advance does not constitute a tenancy or offer of a tenancy but is required as proof of your serious intention to proceed. The holding deposit will be returned to you if the Landlord withdraws from the tenancy. 

Tenancy Agreement

Before any tenancy begins you will sign a Tenancy Agreement which outlines the landlord and tenant’s obligations. We charge an administration fee of £200.00 plus VAT for preparing the contract and taking up your references (regardless of the number of Tenants named on the lease) and will be due as part of your initial monies.

Damage Deposit

As part of your initial monies, you will be required to pay a damage deposit equivalent to one and a half months rent (or two months if it has been agreed that pets are permitted). 

We are members of the Deposit Protection Service and so any deposit we take on your behalf will be paid over into this scheme and held until such time agreement is made to release it. You will be given full details of the Scheme Administrator and contact details together with your personal reference for your particular deposit. 

Signing the Tenancy Agreement and Payment

Once your references have been returned and approved by the Landlord, you will be asked to sign the Tenancy Agreement and pay the initial monies. The initial monies comprise of the first month’s rent in advance, damage deposit, administration fee less holding deposit.

The initial monies must be paid in cleared funds prior to the tenancy commencement date i.e. BACS, CHAPS or Bankers draft. Unfortunately we don’t accept cash or credit card payments. 

Tenancy Renewal

We will ask you two months before the end of your tenancy whether you would like to renew your lease. If so and all terms have been agreed, we will draw up the necessary endorsement and send out for signature. We charge £30 plus VAT for drawing up the renewal documents which will be invoiced to you directly.

Rent Payment

All rent is payable in advance by standing order only and please allow four working days for clearance. Should you experience any change in circumstances or financial problems during the course of the tenancy, it is essential that you contact Village Properties or the Landlord immediately. Interest will be charged on late payment of rent according to the terms of your Agreement.

Inventory and Schedule of Conditions

At the commencement of the tenancy, you will be checked in by an inventory clerk and an inventory of the contents and schedule of conditions will be checked and agreed with you. This document will form the basis of any dilapidations claim by the landlord at the end of the tenancy so it is important that due care is taken by you at the check-in. The cost of the ‘Check-in’ will be borne by the landlord and the cost of the ‘Check-out’ will be borne by the tenant. We strongly recommend that you are present on both of these occasions. The cost of Check-out is approximately £100.

Tenants Obligations

These will be listed in your Tenancy Agreement and it is important that you are aware of your responsibilities for the property e.g. the rules and regulations implied in a leasehold property under the Head Lease, security when you are absent and that necessary steps are taken to prevent freezing of the water and heating system during the winter months.

You will be advised at the time of the tenancy what services Village Properties provide for the Landlord and whether any problems encountered should be addressed to the landlord or the agent.

Property Visits

Those properties managed by Village Properties will be subject to regular visits to check the condition of the property and garden if appropriate. A mutually agreeable appointment will always be made in advance with the tenant.

Utilities, Council Tax, TV Licence and Telephone.

The opening meter readings will be taken during the check-in and for those properties managed by Village Properties we will provide these figures to the relevant utility companies. For non-managed properties, you must contact the utility companies directly and transfer the account into your own name by giving the meter readings on the check-in report. You are responsible for the utilities until the last day of your tenancy. It is important to ensure that the meters are read at the end of the tenancy so that final bills are accurate rather than estimated. If you change your utility supplier, please let us or your landlord know, so we can arrange transfer back to the landlord. The tenant has to be responsible for opening of the telephone and any cable or satellite accounts as these are subject to the Data Protection Act.The tenant is responsible for the payment of a TV licence whether or not a TV is provided by the landlord.


The tenant is responsible for insuring his/her own personal effects and furnishings.

Other Costs

At the end of the tenancy you will be expected to have the property professionally cleaned at your expense.

For any further information or advice, please don’t hesitate to call us on 020 3355 5530 or email at lettings@village-properties.co.uk